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Nice to meet you, 

Do you love sour cream glazed donuts? Do you like to hyper fixate on new hobbies like baking healthy zucchini muffins for your kids and then forgetting your oven exists for three months afterwards? Well then, we might already be bffs! Also, life hack, when the spinach that you SWORE you would put in your smoothies (yes, I am looking at you), starts to wilt - throw it in the freezer! 
Will I still forget to do this and throw my Costco spinach container into the trash every week? Probably. 
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Sour cream glazed donuts eaten


Births witnessed


Times I have cried over vows

Weddings, labour & delivery, and fresh 48's are my jam. As a mother myself, I deeply appreciate the transformative power of these experiences and operate my camera with love and care. From our first email inquiry to your gallery delivery and all of the sweet moments in between my hope is that it's an easy, and enjoyable process for us all.

Cape Spencer Red Head

My why - not only for my family (2/3 pictured below), but for myself. Teaching myself, and my daughters, that life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Your daydream can be your reality with a little bit of confidence. To Lauren and Claire: We are stardust floating on a spinning rock.. don't take life too seriously. 

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